Cornelia Elbrecht has written three internationally published books on Guided Drawing and Work at the Clay Field® – drawing on her extensive experiences with clinical art therapy practice. These books have become corner-stone resources for anyone interested in the healing potential of sensorimotor art therapies. Cornelia has also co-authored two significant academic articles and contributed to several other books and publications.

Her books are available from major booksellers in both paperback and ebook formats.



Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing, a Sensorimotor Approach to Bilateral Body Mapping

To be released on 23 October 2018 by North Atlantic Books, Berkley California.

Author: Cornelia Elbrecht; Foreword by Cathy Malchiodi PhD

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Trauma Healing at the Clay Field, a Sensorimotor Approach to Art Therapy

Author: Cornelia Elbrecht
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2012, London/Philadelphia

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Using clay in therapy taps into the most fundamental of human experiences - touch. This book is a comprehensive step-by-step training manual that covers all aspects of 'Work at the Clay Field', a sensorimotor-based art therapy technique.

Trauma Healing at the Clay Field has been translated into Korean, Russian and a Spanish edition is under way.

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The Transformation Journey. The Process of Guided Drawing – An Initiatic Art Therapy

Author: Cornelia Elbrecht
Johanna Nordländer Verlag 2014, Rütte

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Decades of development have created this invaluable tool for therapists, students and artists that combines Jungian Analytical Psychology, transpersonal approaches, bodywork and art.Guided Drawing is a unique art therapy technique; a creative way to tell our Greater Story. Archetypes are evoked through the mindful repetition of simple abstract shapes, often with both hands and closed eyes. In trusting one's inner guidance the unconscious can reveal painful memories, destructive powers, but also unexpected wisdom and abundant healing.


Die Wandlungsreise, Der Prozess des Geführten Zeichnens, eine initiatische Kunsttherapie

Author: Cornelia Elbrecht
Johanna Nordländer Verlag 2011, Rütte

This is the original German language version of The Transformation Journey. The book has also been subsequently translated into Russian.


Australian Childhood Foundation Journal 

Authors: Cornelia Elbrecht and Liz Antcliff

Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Volume 40, Issue 3, September 2015 - Interpreting neuroscience, creating evidence - a collection of Australian based trauma informed research and practice

Being in touch: Healing developmental and attachment trauma at the Clay Field

Article available for purchase from the publisher.


Inscape: International Journal of Art Therapy 

Authors: Cornelia Elbrecht and Liz Antcliff

Published by Routledge / Taylor & Francis Group and The British Association of Art Therapists

Volume 19, 2014 – Issue 1: Art Therapy and Neuroscience

Being Touched Through Touch: Trauma Treatment Through Haptic Perception at the Clay Field: A Sensorimotor Art Therapy

Article available for purchase from the publishers.

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Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children

Author: Cathy Malchiodi
Contribution: Chapter 9, The Clay Field and Developmental Trauma in Children
The Guildford Press 2015, New York