Online Training

Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing


A 7-week online training course with Cornelia Elbrecht. Featuring over 21 hours of professionally produced, HD video. The weekly structure includes comprehensive theory modules, case histories, round-table discussions with Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy faculty members, a moderated student forum and weekly filmed therapy sessions.

Enrollments for the current term have now closed. Dates for training starting February 2020 will be announced soon!

Watch the 3-minute video below for an introduction to what the course is about. For more information and a FREE PREVIEW of the course, visit our Online School.

Masterclass: Work at the Clayfield®


In February 2019 Prof Heinz Deuser came to Australia to offer a Masterclass on his Work at the Clay Field®. Work at the Clay Field® is a unique Sensorimotor Art Therapy modality Prof Deuser has developed over the past five decades.

The Masterclass is of 18 hours duration, German-spoken and translated into English. It is the full record of a weekend of seminars, supervision of case studies, PLUS seven individual Clay Field sessions. These therapy sessions are then reviewed and analyzed by Prof Deuser.

Professionally filmed in High Definition with two cameras to fully capture the process. Presented by Prof Heinz Deuser in German and translated into English by Andre Bevz. Facilitated by Cornelia Elbrecht.

Purchase of this Masterclass gives students 12 months of unlimited access to the material.

Clay Field