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The Bottom-up Approach

Implicit memory is stored in the brainstem, which is the seat of our ancient survival system. This is the part of our brain that deals with trauma, however, it does this in a predominantly body-based way. The brainstem is strongly influenced by attraction and repulsion. It is being informed through repeated action patterns, such as learning to walk, to ride a bike, or to put a spoon into our mouth. Once we have mastered an action pattern, it becomes part of our implicit memory system and we do not ever think about it, unless someone pushes us into a pool of water when we never had learnt to swim, or an accident no longer allows us to move a limb. In the same way we do not think about breathing, making our heart beat or our muscles to contract and relax.

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Masterclass: Work at the Clay Field® Workshop

In February 2019 Prof Heinz Deuser came to Australia to offer a Masterclass on his Work at the Clay Field® at Claerwen Retreat. For over 20 years Prof Deuser was the course coordinator of the first BA in Art Therapy at the Kunsthochschule in Nürtingen, Germany. Today he is the director of the Institut für Gestaltbildung in Hinterzarten, Germany.  Work at the Clay Field is a unique Sensorimotor Art Therapy modality Prof Deuser has developed over the past five decades. 

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Stabilizing Clients at the Clay Field

Pierre Janet, a pioneering French psychologist who lived over 100 years ago, developed a simple structure for trauma therapy that is still valid today. He defined three treatment phases: stabilization, trauma exploration and integration. If we look at Work at the Clay Field, stabilization is crucial at the beginning of every session in order to create a safe environment for the client.

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