Soul Cards: An Intuitive SoulCollage® Process

The Hippy Artist Committee

SoulCollage® is a process for accessing your intuition and creating an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help you with life's questions and transitions.

Pictured Above: Horse, Devotion Committee, Inspiration Committee, Nature Lover Committee, Tiger, Trust Committee

Creating a deck of Soul Cards is based on the work of Seena B. Frost 2001:

It is an intuitive collage process for individuals and groups.

in order to create a personal deck of soul-tending cards, you will need the following materials: scissors, glue and magazines to cut up (National Geographic!) – or photographs – or mixed media. Create your own deck of oracle cards with your preferred medium.

o  Cover the back of all cards or each suite with wrapping paper

o  Protect the cards through laminating or with a varnish

o  Card size approximately 12 x 20 cm. If they are too small, creating them gets too fiddly. You can always scan them later on and then downsize them.

For readings chose one card from each suit. The idea of the suites is Seena Frost’s. You can dismiss this part and just create your deck of oracle cards as you need them.

The Source Card: Oneness of all things, the Self.  One card that is placed in the centre for readings.

The Committee Suite: The psychological dimension.  The characters of our inner drama aspects of the inner voices such as: The Critic (of self), The Judge (of others), The Angry One, The Hurt Child, The Jealous One, The Rebel, The Procrastinator, The Teacher, The Hard Worker, The Caretaker, The Joyful Child, The Sensual Lover, The Gardener, The Loyal Friend, the Artist.

The Community Suite:  The communal dimension.  The human experience of being vitally connected with other living beings:  family members, friends, pets, important teachers, people you admire as role models. 

The Companion Suite: The energetic dimension.  The chakra allies, soul mates from the animal kingdom.

The Council Suite: The archetypal dimension. Archetypal patterns of your larger story. The mystical influences and underlying patterns in your life: The Great Mother, The Great Father, The Wise Old Woman, The Divine Child, The Creator, The Warrior, The Shaman, The Witch, The Pattern-Keeper, The One Who Descends and Returns, The Light Bearer, The Fool, The Hero, The Healer, the Saviour, Death etc., which ever ones are actualised in your life.

"If you are feeling low and without purpose, go mythic! Let your mind give you a story, one you may already know or one that your mind discloses, and journey with it on the high road to adventure and transformation.”

Jean Huston. A Passion for the Possible

Offered as part of the ISAT 2 year Certificate in Iniatic Art Therapy course, SoulCollage® is an Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups in which a personal deck of soul-tending cards are created. Available in various locations around Australia.