Cornelia Elbrecht

BA. MA. (Art Ed), AThR; SEP
Founder and Director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy
and School for Initiatic Art Therapy,  
Art Therapist, Practitioner & Trainer
Professional Member ACATA;
ProfessionalMember ANZATA


Locations: Apollo Bay 3233 &                            
+61 (0)3 5237 7064
+61 (0)418 388 539

Cornelia has over 40 years of experience as an art therapist.  She has studied at the School of Initiatic Art Therapy in Germany, and has trained in Jungian and Gestalt therapy, Bioenergetics, Shiatsu and Naturopathy.  She has completed her trauma therapy training with Somatic Experiencing Training Institute (SETI).  She has published two books, several essays and a training video on sensorimotor art therapy. Some of her publications have been translated into numerous other languages. She is founder and director of ''Claerwen Retreat" in Apollo Bay, Victoria, she works in private practice and teaches throughout Australia and internationally.

Liz Antcliff

BA (Psych); MA (Couns); Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy;
Faculty member of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy SEP; ACA; ACATA; ANZATA
Clinical Member ACA ,
Professional Member ACATA;
Associate member ANZATA


Locations: Brisbane 4061 & Maleny 4552 QLD
+61 (0) 438 1632 55

Liz holds a Bachelor of Sc. (Psychology) ; MA Counselling and PG Diploma in Sensorimotor Art therapy; SEP. She is a somatic experiencing practitioner having completed training with Somatic Experiencing Training Institute (SETI).   She has more than 30 years of experience in human services in the private and community health and social services sector.  Liz is the Director of Heartspace Artspace & Counselling, a private sensorimotor art psychotherapy practice in Queensland Australia and teaches the Initiatic Art Therapy (Queensland) program.  Liz has co-authored, with Cornelia Elbrecht, the article “Being touched through Touch.  Trauma treatment through haptic perception at the Clay Field.  A sensorimotor art therapy”. She is currently working on her PhD on Clay Field Therapy. Liz works with individuals, couples and groups with a broad range of concerns and holds a special interest in trauma related issues.  Liz is available for supervision face to face and via skype as well as group supervision.     

Victorian Practitioners

Liz Kinnane

MA (ATh), AThR, DIP Counselling, Initatic Art Therapy;
Applied Social Science (Child Care);
Professional Member of ANZATA; Masters of Art Therapy; Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy; Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate in Clay Field Therapy; Certificate in Interactive Drawing Therapy Applied Social Science (Child Care);  Cert V Training and Assessment.


Location: Ocean Grove, VIC 3226
+61 (0) 400687832

Liz works with individuals, children and women, provides training how to apply art therapy with children. Delivers workshops for small groups. Liz special interest is trauma related worries with children and the use of the clay field.
 Liz has 30 years’ experience working with children in the child care field, 10 years’ experience with children and adults in Community Services Agency as a senior clinician providing art therapy. Liz offers training workshops at the Institute for Sensorimotor at Apollo Bay about: Art Therapy Approaches with Traumatized Children.


Maggie Date

Registered Nurse Div 1; Graduate Diploma Therapeutic Arts Practice; Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy, Phoenix Institute; Diploma of Sensorimotor Art Therapy, School of Initiate Art Therapy; Certificate of Clay Field Therapy, School of Initiate Art Therapy; Certificate IV in Training and Assessment; Bel Canto Vocalist


Location: Reservoir VIC 3073
+61 (0) 434674983


During my 30-year career as a nurse at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne I found out just how valuable song, art making, story, play and movement are in supporting the healing process.  Currently I am working as an Art Therapist with the REPAIR program a DHHS-funded family violence demonstration project that provides young people with access to a creative therapeutic program that is tailored specifically to their needs. It is a joint twelve-month pilot project between Crossroads Youth & Family Services Network and Salvation Army Westcare. I am completing my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice at the MIECAT Institute Melbourne. As an Art Therapist in private practise I have many skills to draw upon and am flexible in what I can offer to individuals, groups, schools, community and corporate services depending on need. Clay Field Therapy is a speciality that I offer to children, adolescents and adults.

Rosamund Mortimore

AThR; MA (Creative Art Therapy); BA (Philosophy and Politics);  Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate in Work at the Clay Field; Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy; Advanced Certificate of Art and Design. 

Professional Member ACATA; Professional Member ANZATA


Location: South Yarra VIC 3141
+61 (0) 407 502 598

Ros works at a private psychiatric facility as a registered art therapist. She is specialized in:  Mental Health in clinical settings, trauma, PTSD, sexual assault and cancer support. She is experienced in working with children and adults, groups and one to one. In particular she offers Clay Field Therapy and supervision.

Chris Storm

Faculty member of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy; B.Arts (Sociology), M.Ed (Experiential Learning & Development)A (Ed), AThR,; ANZATA, ACATA, ACASEP.; Development.(Youth & Wilderness stream); M.Ed., Exp.Learning & Development; Grad Cert Soc.Sc (Male Family Violence); Grad Dip Counselling (Addictions, Grief and Loss, Family Therapy); Cert Sandplay Therapy, Cert Child Centred Play Therapy; Dip. VET.

Art Therapy Post Graduate studies:   Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy, Certificate Workat the Clay Field, Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Professional Associations: Professional member of ANZATA (AThR); Professional member of ACATA(Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association);Clinical member ACA(Australian Counselling Association); Board member of NTV (No To Violence).); IGL (Institute of Group Leaders)


Location: Belmont VIC 3216
+61 (0) 418432362


Chris is the Director of Storm Insight, a private Sensorimotor Art Therapy practice.  She specializes in Work at the Clay Field, and utiliseses InitiaticSensorimotorArt Therapy techniques to support men, women, children and families.  Areas covered include trauma, behaviour change, anger management,trauma,family violence, sexual assault, addiction issues, family therapy, grief and loss.  She is available for one to one counselling, groups, training and workshops, and for professional/clinical supervision. Chris teaches the Initiatic Art Therapy Program in Alice Springs and is available for individaul, Skype and group supervision.

Monica Finch

MA (ATh), AThR.
Art Therapist
Professional Member ANZATA & ACA.
MA Art Therapy (Latrobe Uni). Ad Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy. Dip Clay Field Therapy. Dip Community Health; Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health and Family Violence. Dip Visual Arts; Fine art and Ceramics. Cert Emotional Release Counselling and Sand Tray with Children and Adolescence. 


Locations: Ballarat 3350 VIC
+61 (0)437 236 411

Monica has been involved in the healing field for over 20 years, helping people become more aware of the mind-body-spirit connection and to live a more authentic life. With over 10 years’ experience as a counsellor and case manager in the areas of; Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, Family Violence and Family Services, Monica has developed a sensitive and respectful approach in helping people make changes in their lives. Currently in private practise (Ballarat Art Therapies) Monica supports people who’ve experienced difficult relationships, grief & loss, chronic illness, mental illness, abuse, trauma, and addictions. She specializes in working with children and adults who have experienced trauma.

thumbnail_Jo Meijer Portrait B.jpg

Joannne Meijer

Location:  Langwarrin VIC 3910
+61 (0) 438 877 048

Diploma in Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Certificate in Work at the Clay Field
Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy
Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training
Vocational Member ACATA 

Jo’s creative interest led her to work with children with emotional and learning difficulties. Originally from a corporate ‘training and development’ background, Jo brings a thoughtful and generous attitude to providing a safe, encouraging environment.   Her focus for Art Therapy includes learning difficulties, emotional issues, grief, anxiety, adoption concerns and self development.   In addition to working with children of all age groups, Jo holds sessions with adults, individuals, in groups, at schools, outreach programs and in her own private practice.  

thumbnail_Photo Judy Rosson.jpg

Judy Rosson

Diploma Community Services (Welfare Studies)
BA Social Work, Mental Health Social Worker, 
Cert. IV Alcohol & Other Drugs, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy,; Certificate in Work at the Clay Field, Diploma in Sensorimotor Art Therapy, 

Accredited member of the AASW and MHSW.
Associate member of ACATA

Location: Geelong VIC
+61 (0) 402 597 930

Judy has over 20 years’ experience supporting people  in the mental health and welfare fields in areas of addiction, domestic violence, family services, childhood and generational trauma as well as indigenous health and wellbeing.  Judy is currently working in private practice in Geelong and specialises in individual and group therapeutic approaches. Judy has acquired a range of healing techniques to assist people with improving and maintaining their long-term wellbeing.  Working from a person centred approach Judy provides a safe and confidential space to explore and shape the strategies that best suit the situation.


Lyn Duffton

Location: Yarra Junction VIC 3797
+61 (0) 434 992 315


Diploma Sensori Motor Art Therapy
Grad Dip Experiential And Creative Art Therapy Approaches
Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy
Cert In Creative Art Therapy Approaches With Traumatised Children
Cert In Expressive Art Therapy Techniques With Trauma

Lyn has a passion for working with all ages to move beyond trauma to self expression. With a background in both early childhood and working with differently-abled adults and children, Lyn is very at home working with people who are non verbal or for whom talking is problematic, allowing art making to become their voice. Lyn has run workshops with special needs adults in the UK. Marginalised children in Aus with mixed age groups in China. On a one to one basis Lyn is passionate about the ability of the Clay Field to facilitate deep change within people suffering from past trauma.Currently in Australia, Lyn regularly travels to China and the UK.


Linda Ruby-White

Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Diploma Holistic Counselling
Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy
Certificate Work at the Clay Field
Youth Mental Health First Aider
Member of ACATA
Member of ACA
NDIS Provider

Location: Fairfield, VIC 3078 and Outreach Services
+61 (0) 409175699

Linda Ruby-White is the founder of the Art of Thriving: a creative, body-focussed and trauma-informed Counselling and Sensorimotor Art Therapy approach. Linda supports people to creatively build inner resources, restore connection to self and community, self regulate, integrate and thrive. Linda has a warm, approachable nature, and works with children and adults including individuals with disabilities.

ACT Practitioners

Belinda La Vella

Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate Clayfield Therapy, Diploma Community Services
(application for) ACATA, Australian Institute of Group Leaders


Location: Downer ACT 2602
+61 (0) 412132860

Belinda has a private practice offering Sensorimotor Art Therapy.  She also works in a community mental health agency delivering support services to people whose lives are affected by mental illness.  Belinda has 14 years experience working with women children and families to resolve issues related to trauma and abuse, sexual assault, addiction, anxiety and depression.  She offers individual sessions and group work for those ready to explore their inner world and find their own unique and innate healing resources.

Margarita Menares-Nunez

Double Bachelor in Visual Arts and Education, Diploma in Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy, Certificate in Clay Field Therapy


Location: Canberra ACT
+61 (0) 404 268 774

Margarita is experienced as an art therapist, visual artist, art educator, specialist teacher and community art coordinator. Margarita works supporting children, youth, and adults with multicultural backgrounds, living with a disability, mental illness, and multiple disorders diagnosis. Margarita specializes in sensorimotor art therapy offering a multidisciplinary approach, implementing creative, therapeutic and educational interventions. Margarita is available for consultancy, training, workshops, individual art therapy sessions and setting up special education programs.

New South Wales Practitioners

Clare Jerdan

M.A. Gestalt; Bac. Soc.Sci; Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy;
Certificate Clayfield Therapy; Cert IV Training and Assessment;
Registered Nurse; Clinical Member GANZ; Clinical Member PACFA; AHPRA

At present Clare lives in Doha, Qatar +974 6645 1242


Location: Byron Bay NSW 2481
+974 6645 1242

Clare is specialized in working with clients from a broad background, including loss and grief, eating disorders, mental health issues including anxiety and depression and drug and alcohol. Clare is trained in several different trauma modalities including EMDR, Clay Field Therapy, Guided Drawing as well as talking therapies. In her current work with people who have alcohol and other drug issues she finds the sensorimotor approach particularly powerful and healing. Clare is passionate about supporting people who are tired of doing 'what they have always done' and who want to change. With sensorimotor art therapy lasting change can happen, her own experience has been transformative.

Philippa Pip Rose

Certificate in Art Therapy Approaches with Traumatised Children 2016. Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice (UNE) 2015. Certificate of Haptic Diagnosis, Work at the Clay Field - 2014. Diploma of Sensorimotor Art Therapy -2013                 Certificate of Initiatic Art Therapy – 2012. Dip Teach, B Ed- 1989


Location: Ballina NSW 2478
+61 (0) 402 665 300

Pip has been training in and practising art therapy since 2010. After years of working with children in primary education, she had become aware of the growing number of children with emotional and developmental needs which could not be met in a regular classroom setting, and was keen to find an effective way to work with, and better support these children. Since 2014, she has taken Work at the Clayfield to several schools and preschools in the NSW Northern Rivers district, with results that have been welcomed by parents and teachers. In her current role within a Child and Family Mental Health Support Team, Pip is able to work one on one with children using clay field and other expressive therapies, as a way of restoring emotional resilience and wellbeing. She is also available for private sessions with people of all ages and all abilities, at her home studio near Ballina. 

Jenni Francis

Diploma inSensorimotor Art Therapy; Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate in Clay Field Therapy


Location: Dorrigo 2453
 +61 (0) 487919103

Jenni has been a community artist, for over 30 years, offering individuals of all ages and abilities involvement in artistic projects.  Jenni conducts ‘Creative Kids’, a program for young people from 6-16 exploring a variety of creative pursuits with a practical application in the rural environment of her home studio and gardens, and in schools in the region. Working at the Clay Field with children and adolescents on a one to one basis and in small groups (up to 6 children) is an area Jenni has had particularly positive results.  She is employed as an art therapist by Bush Support Services and CRANAplus working in rural and remote communities in NSW and NT.

Jane Daisley-Snow

MA (Gestalt);BA; Grad Dip Ed; Dip Couns; Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate Clay Field Therapy PACFA clinical member; GANZ clinical member


Location: Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
+61 (0) 0414972643

Since the 1980’s Jane has been involved in education, healing, personal growth and spiritual awareness working as a psychotherapist, holistic counsellor, teacher, group facilitator, clinical supervisor and writer. Jane has the utmost respect for a person’s inherent wisdom, resilience and their capacity to transform their challenges into growth opportunities if given the support of a safe and empathic environment.  Jane adopts an integrative approach incorporating the interrelationship between mind, body, spirit and the natural world. To facilitate the therapeutic process she uses the mediums of clay field therapy, sand play and symbol work, guided drawing, creative visualization, present-centred awareness, body-oriented focus, and meditation. Jane works with both children and adults in her private practice addressing a broad range of concerns and facilitates workshops for personal, spiritual and professional development. Her current interests and research are in the fields of Ecopsychology and Trauma-informed Care Education.


Terrye Vaughn

PACFA Reg. Provisional
Graduate Diploma Counselling; Diploma of Sensorimotor Art Therapy; Certificate of Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate of Clay Field Therapy;


Newtown NSW 2042
+61 (0) 419 619 323

Terrye encourages client self-discovery via the therapeutic mediums of guided drawing and clay field work.  Clients have gained insight into the why of their issues.  They report a stronger sense of self and better relationships with others.  Terrye undertook the Diploma in Sensorimotor Art Therapy after she experienced Clay Field and Initiatic Art Therapy.  She found inner resources that enhanced her practice and personal life.  This led her on a journey to complete training so that she could share these modalities with others.  Terrye has worked with adults and children in community, private and education sectors.  She conducts individual and group sessions.

Queensland Practitioners

Nicola Turschwell

MA (Gestalt); Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy; Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy; Certificate Clay Field Therapy; PACFA; ACATA
PACFA clinical member; ACATA professional member


Location: currently Kununarra WA 6743
+61 (0) 439 711933

Nicci currently works in a community agency and private practice with adults and children both one to one and in groups. Much of her work includes working with anxiety and depression as well as resolving trauma and strengthening family relationships. Supervision of counsellors and therapists is also a large component of her current work. Her passion is working creatively with art therapy in whatever mode best suited to the client. Nicci is currently working in the Kimberley region in Western Australia offering art therapy to remote communities in the outback.

Maggie Wilson

MA Art Therapy. Certificate in Clay Field Therapy. Professional member of ANZATA
+39 33190606656 (Italy)
+ 61 (0) 42197814

Maggie Wilson  trained at Goldsmiths London University in Art Psychotherapy in 1990. She is an Australian Registered Art Therapist. Maggie has worked as an art therapist specializing  in drug and alcohol treatment, homelessness, and child and youth mental health.  She currently works as a tutor for University of Queensland, on the Masters in Mental Health Art Therapy Masters program. She has conducted a private practice ‘The Art Therapy Studio’ in Northern NSW Australia for over 25 years. Her private practice interests are art therapy supervision both individual and group work, are cross-cultural Art Therapy group work, creative debriefing and supervision for mental health teams and practitioners.  She also does see individual clients for Art Therapy and Clay Field Sessions.

Linda Valmadre

BSci (Psych, Honours); BBus (HRM); Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy; Cert IV Adult Training & Development.  Director Felt Sense Psychology, Psychologist; Health Psychologist; Qualified in Sensorimotor Art Therapy; Trainee Focusing Instructor, Member Australian Psychological Society, Member College of Health Psychologists, Trainee Member ACATA (now applying for full membership), Trainee Member Focusing Institute


Location: Bilinga, Gold Coast, 4225
+61 (0)44 777 6410

Linda has over 10 years experience as a psychologist in private practice. She works from a deep understanding of the personal and interpersonal impact negative life experiences can have on an individual.  Linda holds a safe and compassionate space, free of judgement, where a client can gain the necessary skills and insights to move towards a life of harmonic flow. Using her felt sense and a collaborative approach with clients, Linda offers a range of therapy options focused on individual’s needs.  These options include Work at the Clay Field and other art therapy techniques along with psycho-education, focusing, and other psychology modalities. Working with people of all ages on a broad range of concerns, Linda also has special expertise in helping people through safe trauma recovery; in developing a healthy weight management lifestyle; and in assisting with parenting skills development. 

bio photo.png

Diane Violi

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)
Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Diploma of Counselling (AIPC)
Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy
Certificate in Clay Field Therapy
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)
Australian Association of Social Work (AASW)
Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ACATA)


Location:  Sunshine Coast QLD
+ 61 (0)448 754 316 



For the past 30 years Diane has studied and practised Eastern philosophies and modalities and she combines this knowledge with her Honour’s Degree in Social Work, to provide clients with a truly holistic and strengths based approach. Most recently Diane has worked in the area of drugs, alcohol, mental health and complex trauma.  She believes it is a privilege to support people in creating change, recovery and enhanced wellbeing.  She is passionate about incorporating skills in Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Work @ the Clay field, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing to work with people who experience mental health, trauma and substance use challenges.  Diane has significant experience working in the areas of depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, family violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, grief and loss.  Diane currently works in both a non-government organisation and in private practice on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.  She offers individual sessions specialising in trauma therapy and work @ the Clay field. 

Tasmanian Practitioners


Wendy Nash

MA (Ed); AThR
Professional membership: Registered Art Therapist ACATA,
Masters in Education, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Sensorimotor Art Therapy; Certificate Initiatic Art Therapy and Clay Field Therapy, MARI Teacher/Practitioner (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) and training in Narrative Therapy, and EFT (Tapping)


Location: Lanena TAS 7275
+61 (0) 409703779


Wendy is specialized in working with children, adolescents, couples and adults in mental health, trauma, grief & loss, relationships, groups, parenting, anxiety, life change, sexuality, depression, education, carers, professional development, transformational workshops, supporting children through family breakdown and rebuilding lives plus building communities through community arts. Wendy is available for professional supervision in art therapy, Clay Field and psychotherapy.